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I do rhythmic and artistic gymnastics at Chattooga gymnastics. It is fun. I love to do artistic because I like swinging on the bars, walking on the beams, cartwheels, handstands, and rolls on the floor and jumping on the vault.  These things are good exercise.  They make me feel happy. Rhythmic gymnastics uses balls, hoops, ropes, and ribbons.    Each routine has different music.  The routine has lots of dancing. The ribbon music goes to fast and it is hard to keep up with it.  When you get to the higher level you do clubs. I think they are hard and cool. I also do Special Olympics gymnastics.  All the people in Special Olympics gymnastics have special needs just like me.  All of us practice to keep our bodies healthy. It is hard some of the time. We practice our routines and do competitions.  I some times feel nervous because I might mess up my routines. I try to do my best and I will feel proud. We earn medals for doing a great job. The best thing about Special Olympics is understanding each other feelings and learning about how they are different. Gymnastics make my body stronger each week. When your body is stronger you can do things better. I think it gives you lots of energy. I feel proud of myself when I practice and when we do competitions because we are a team.  Gymnastics is a good place to make friends. -- 11 year-old Ally

My daughter has been doing gymnastics at Chattooga for over 3 years! She loves going and participating in a variety of athletic activities that keep her fit and teach her proper form. The instructors are patient and fun! Big kudos to Mr. BJ and Adrienne! -- Helen

The gymnastics bug bit me watching the 1996 Olympics. I was 19 at the time and started doing handstands against the wall in the Army barracks right away. A month later I could walk on my hands and swore that I'd find a gym, as soon as I got out, that would take me on at such an "old" age. I looked up several gyms and was immediately discouraged to find out they only catered to much younger age groups than mine. Had I known about Chatooga gymnastics then, I would have started training much earlier than at the tender age of 35 as it happened. And it's a really fun place where people share the same passion in some form. This is no place to be shy; everyone is here doing the best they can and often push each other beyond it. I also haven't met another coach that can catch a six foot man at 200 pounds out of the air. Amazing!! At almost 6 months into it (from the time of writing this) I'm gonna keep coming here. I may even get closer to God cause I'm gonna need real faith for some of the skill I'm goin' for. If you're reading this and can relate (and hopefully live close enough), we're waiting for you. -- Sincerely! Zoltan

Getting a stronger body and learning new skills are wonderful things that my girls have learned this year at Chattooga, but the best part is to them, it is just a fun time!  The coaches not only are excellent instructors, but they foster an enjoyable environment that keeps both parents and kids happy to return!  We are looking forward to our third year at Chattooga!  Thanks everyone!  -- Alexis and Courtney's mom

Let me just say that without BJ, I could not achieve 75 percent of the things I have accomplished cleanly. I Am a huge self-motivator when comes to the things I really set myself out to do, but when you include the care and practice put forth by an instructor of this caliber, you'll find that experience and skill can, and will increase tenfold. He knows how to do things proper, accordingly based on particular body type, and anyone will instantly feel confident in achieving anything with the aid and assistance of his presence. He lets me stay as crazy as I want while also keeping my adrenalized-ambitious plights in check. I Appreciate you so much Brother! Being continually enthused I found this place, it fuels me to show up week after week. I know it is Here I can accomplish anything. -- Dustin

I've been taking the adult classes since 2010 and it's been great.  I've always wanted to be able to do a back flip and at 50 I figured it was now or never.  Although I haven't accomplished my goal yet I'm getting closer to it every week, and in the meantime I've mastered other skills and can do things I haven't been able to do since I was a teenager.  BJ is a great coach who truly cares about your success and the other students are very encouraging and a genuine joy to train with.  It's a lot of fun in a truly positive environment.  -- Brian D.

I am 37 and have never taken gymnastics before. I started taking the adult classes with BJ a couple months ago not knowing what to expect. BJ provides a fun and challenging environment. With his assistance, I have performed back handsprings, front flips, one- handed cartwheels, and more. My classmates are all supportive and positive. I look forward to every class! -- Jennifer Hauenstein

I don't have words to express how wonderful our CBI trips to Chattooga Gym were this week.  The instructor, Ms. Joey, was warm, patient, skilled with working with our special considerations, encouraging, challenging, and simply a fantastic teacher.  What a gem you have in her.

Our Transition Academy students loved every minute of their time there - the warm ups, the obstacle course, the dance, and the equipment.  In our Wednesday group, we had a student that rarely interacts on CBI and I have sent you a picture of her doing the bear walk thru the hoops.  Priceless.  In our Friday group, one of our students has a tremendous fear of heights, yet he was the most enthusiastic about being on the balance beam!  Amazing.

Thank you for allowing these students to open doors within themselves that perhaps nothing else could unlock.  Your service to the Special Needs community is to be most highly commended.  And for your tremendous generosity to us, we are deeply grateful.

Kimberley Walters
Community Based Skills Trainer - Transition Academy - Pope High School
Drama Advisor - Drama Club
President - Pope Theater Booster Club
"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall be stretched"

Nicole Alex

Ever since the day we stepped into the gym at Chattooga Gymnastics, I knew we were in a good place. There was an amazing feeling just hanging in the air. I knew angels must watch over this place because I could feel it. Not only that, I could see them. The coaches, the athletes, the director, everyone was positive and going to great lengths to help each and every individual reach their highest potential. Even though we drive 40 minutes to attend our classes, it is worth it! My girls have gained strength and gymnastics skills in the short year we have been attending classes. I love it here! I love the open arms, especially to special needs kids, who in their own way can develop a skill and love for this sport. The unified partner program is wonderful and I have been appreciative to the grace and dignity of the non-special needs gymnasts and their desire to set an example and to help others on their journey. I would recommend this gym to anyone seeking a good technical back round in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, and a truly positive, life changing experience! - Rebecca Haslam

Over the past three months, my daughter has learned alot about gymnastics. But most important - friendships. She has made lots of friends, including staff. The classes are perfect for her. They are not too big. At Chattooga, the staff has much more patience and are truly friends. Not only do the children get to make friends, but so do the parents. We all cheer on our own children while cheering on everyone else's child. There is so much room to grow for the children. Gymnastics has taught us that gymnastics does not have to have a name of competition, but fun and learning at the same time. And it is a truly wonderful experience watching the staff have fun with the girls at the same time as teaching. What a warm and loving environment. -- Mary Gill & Gracie (age 8)

Chattooga Gym has been a part of my daughter Katie's life since she was 3. Watching her become a self confident young lady, who is willing to help others with special needs, is amazing. She is competing in artistic gymnastics this year, and is beginning with rhythmic also. Chattooga is a place where you feel like part of a family which supports and celebrates each other. -- Priscilla King

My daughter has been doing gymnastics at Chattooga Gymnastics for over 2 years. She began before she was two and has progressed so much physically and socially. She looks forward to going each week. I love that she is getting proper instruction and exercise that is fun! The variety of activities, yet the structure provided is just want she needs! -- Helen & Sidney

First let me start by saying Thank You for a great year! Our son Mason thoroughly enjoyed Coach BJ's class!! My husband and I were looking for an activity for our youngest son to do after school. He always showed an interest in gymnastics, and seeing that he is all boy and always running at full speed, we thought gymnastics would be a great opportunity for him. My husband also has a background in gymnastics both participating and instructing, so to see Mason interested made him quite happy. We researched a few different facilities and none had just quite what we were looking for. Chattooga proved to be exactly what we wanted. The class sizes were smaller and Mason always received excellent instruction and lots of time with all of the equipment.
Mason thrived this past year at Chattooga. We are thrilled to learn that he has tapped a natural ability and we saw him improve as the year continued. Mason is looking forward to another year at Chattooga and can not wait!
Thank you so much for everything!
-- David, Julie & Mason Hughie

AWESOME!!! Chattooga Gym is the best place to learn the art of gymnastics & ballet. The staff members are all great, and always have a big smile. My daughter enjoys all her classes and teachers. We will definitely recommend Chattooga Gym to our friends, and (we) cannot wait for our youngest daughter to join in. Keep up the great work everyone :) -- Ida A

The small class sizes, caring and talented coaches, and friendliness of the whole staff at Chattooga Gymnastics combined make this a great choice for both kids and parents.  You can watch both the new kids as well as those who have been doing this for years all be motivated and taught in a way that helps them achieve their skills with pride and a smile on their faces.  A great fit for our family! -- Courney's mom

"In a world filled with an ever increasing array of gymnastics and dance studios competing for business, it can be a daunting task to find a studio that provides an atmosphere where the student’s personal well being and sense of belonging are respected and cherished. It is often difficult to find a place where the staff truly appreciates the various abilities, personalities and overall uniqueness of each child. Combine this compassionate philosophy with creative, professional instruction that challenges students to reach and often exceed their goals, and you have found a learning environment where children can thrive beyond expectations. I found such a place for my child at Chattooga Gymnastics & Dance.

Before my daughter Rachel came to Chattooga, she was lost in the chaos and shuffle of a performance-driven, mass-marketed style of gymnastics program where she was just one of the crowd.  In such a loud and rushed setting, she felt alone and confused most of the time and her love for gymnastics was quickly fading. I could tell that she needed a more personal approach not only with instruction, but with a staff that celebrated, not suppressed, her budding self esteem and personality during lessons. I found exactly what I was looking for at Chattooga. In the past year, I have seen my Rachel soar skillfully and joyfully in a happy and creative environment. Chattooga encourages children to work at their own pace and achieve their personal best. Cindy and her staff work extremely well with diverse personalities and developmental stages of children, including those who are challenged with special needs. They truly love being with children—and it shows. I am amazed at how Cindy and her staff treat each child as if he or she were the only child in front of them and at the same time skillfully weave each child into progressive team-building interactions within the group. My own daughter has benefited from such instruction and interaction immensely. At Chattooga, there is a warm, caring and motivating home for every child. And, it will definitely be my child’s gymnastics home for a long, long time!"  --Sandra Fink

I have a very active 4 year old who LOVES Chattooga. We tried other schools, but they didn't work out, and my daughter didn't enjoy attending. She now asks every other day is today the day I go to gymnastics. I love the fact that they offer a class that combines ballet and gymnastics. We have been going to Chattooga for over a year now. Cindy is absolutely wonderful. She is so kind and patient with the children. Thanks Chattooga! -- Millicent Kundrat

I am 19 year-old Special Olympian and I have been going to Chattooga School of Gymnastic and Dance for four years.  Ms. Cindy is a great coach.  Someday I’d like to be a coach too and Ms. Cindy is helping me to meet my dreams.  In my four years we have been many interesting places: Tennessee, Indiana, Austria, Canada.  I love doing routines with my mom on the Vintage Team.  This year I’m going to Texas with the team and mom and dad are staying home which is really cool!  Chattooga is a great place to grow and learn and have fun with lots of friends. -- John, Dennie and Katie K

My daughter, Emma, absolutely LOVES Chattooga Gymnastics! Chattooga has a long history of providing quality gymnastics programs to children of all ages!  We look forward to many more dynamic years with the amazing staff at Chattooga! -- Ashley Bretti (Emma Jackson's Mother)

Hi Cindy...this is Latrelle Tomczak, Kim Tomczaks mother. She told me about the site and I had to take a look. The site is great. I can't believe how much change has taken place and all the different classes you offer now. One of the best decisions I made for Kim was to put her in chattooga gymnastics. She learned values, self confidece and a drive to succeed she would have not gotten any where else. Take care and keep helping kids to grow up with the right values. -- Latrelle Tomczak

Hi Cindy! - It's Nikki Miller!  On a whim, I googled Chattooga and I see you finally have a website!  It's great to see old staff are still with you and some of our old gymnasts are working for you, too! I'm living in CT now.  I moved here about 7 years ago.  I also have a 7-year-old little girl who's a wickedly talented gymnast.  She competes in her first level 4 artistic meet on January 10th. It'll be my first time going to a meet as something other than a gymnast or coach!  We're both at the Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA for gymnastics - me as the Recreational Gymnastics Coordinator and one of the team coaches, her as a gymnast.  The organization feels a lot like Chattooga felt for me.  Very family oriented.  I always fondly remember my start coaching with you in 1992 and my years with you.  Everything I learned about dance with you and Theresa has stuck and transferred into my coaching today.  So much of my experience at Chattooga was wonderful.  Your website looks great and I hope everything is going well for you.  
Love, Nikki

Chattooga gymnastics has been a part of my life for over ten years. In that time, I have gone from taking gymnastics classes as a child, to traveling the world as part of the rhythmic team, to coaching Special Olympics. The experiences that I have had will be with me forever and have helped shaped who I am today. Cindy Bickman and her staff provide a caring and motivating environment for their students. I hope one day to enroll my own children in classes at Chattooga and give them the same great experiences that I had! -- Jenny Thompson

Hi My Name is Stacy Bailey, I am a mom of vibrant, red-headed  8 year old little girl named Ansley Bailey. She was born with a rare eye and brain disorder that manifested into epilepsy at age three, ADHD and Autism by age 5. Ansley had been attending another dance class in 2005 at an undisclosed location in Canton, Georgia. The sance school called me one day on the phone to tell me that my little girl was not welcome at their school any more, because the parents and other kids felt uncomfortable. The bottom line -- Ansley was almost 6 years old and not potty trained yet and had an accident in her pants and the floor of the dance studio. I remember crying my eyes out and feeling sick to my stomach after they told me that because Ansley loves to be with other children whether they are like her or not. Ansley loves everybody and she just wanted to be treated like everybody else and have fun!

I then contacted Allison Hicks at Special Olympics Georgia because as a Police Officer, I has worked with Allison previously on the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Georgia Fundraising. Allison was very gracious and put me in touch with Cindy Bickman, who was a aaint from the beginning. Cindy told me about her gym and what they offered and she took Ansley with open arms. Ansley started in the beginning of 2006 and loved it! Ansley is still there today and just turned 8 the official age to be officially in the Special Olympics program. I have to admit I love it too Ms. Cindy is so wonderful for all the children that attend her gym. I as a parent of a special needs child get a break and can relax for an hour every week and talk to other parents who are just like me and that in itself relieves physical and mental strains that we feel as parents because of our situations. We all just want to fit in and be at peace. Ms. Cindy does that for all her students and parents at Chattooga Gymnastics. Ms. Cindy you are our hero and we love you for all that you do for these families and you are truly and inspiration. -- Stacy Bailey

My daughter, Jane, has been involved in Chattooga's rhythmic program for sixteen years, since she was 11 years old.  The gym, and Cindy in particular, have been as big an influence in Jane's life as have school and family.  I think that Jane learned the importance of working hard and having fun as well as keeping in shape physically all of which have helped her stay focused in life.  Going to Chattooga gave her opportunities of travel and experiences (like being in the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics) that she would not have otherwise had.  Jane now owns her own gym and I'm sure that she runs much of her business based on the lessons she learned from Cindy. -- Susan

Our experience at Chattogga Gymnastics/Dance was the most wonderful and positive experience you could ever hope for.  We loved every minute of it, with Ms. Cindy's love, patience, and gentle understanding, that each girl is unique in her own way, you can't help but be blessed to be involved with her.  Ms. Cindy isn't just a teacher of dance or gymnastics, she is a teacher of compassion, empathy, and confidence, teaching the girls to find that inner strength to be the very best that they can be.  She always has something positive to say, and is a wonderful role model for all of the girls, with her endless energy and dedication.  The girls at Chattooga learn to work with one another, so they not only come together as a team, they come together as sisters.  Not matter how far away you move she always makes you feel like a very special part of that "Chattooga Family". We miss you guys. -- Love, Angie and Loretta

My daughter has been coming to Chattooga for about 28 years. When she had her first class, she was so shy that she didn't want to go out into the gym. She had trouble with balance, and her tolerance to exercise was almost (0). She would hardly speak. Now.... My shy little girl has become a gymnast and she has adapted to all the apparatuses at the gym.  Her speech has blossomed and  she is very outgoing and can't wait to get on the floor. She loves all her peer gymnasts and they have accepted and love her as well. The mentoring program Cindy has is unbelievable.

The girls, as new ones join the Teams, join right in with "our kids. She  has been on the Rhythmic Team for a number of years, competing with the  "regular" gymnasts. She has trained for and received her Coaching  certification from Special Olympics Ga. She was in the World Games in New Haven,  Connecticut. She has traveled with the Teams to New York, South  Carolina, Florida, Sweden, Norway, England, Paris, Portugal, Austria,  Switzerland, Germany and Canada. When she first started traveling, she didn't  want to get on the plane, now she wants to be first. On all our trips we carry a  5 pound bar of Hershey's Candy. It is a tradition and everyone on the plane  enjoys sharing with us. Memories like this are NEVER forgotten. Cindy is a  wonderful person and coach. She has some wonderful staff. Joey also coaches our  girls. Then there is Ashley, Rosie and Jessica, that are former students that  have come back to coach and they are wonderful.  Students from long ago are  always dropping back in to see Cindy, some with husbands and children in tow.  Cindy has changed the lives of our family and for that we are forever  grateful!!! -- Arnetha & Pete Harrison, parents of Paulette

Being at the gym is seeing all your friends and it is fun. I have have a good time at the gym and Joey and Cindy are a lot of fun. They have fun theaching me everything they have in them. -- Bret

When I took my daughter Katie to sign her up for Special Olympics swimming, Miss Cindy was there performing with her girls from Chattooga.  Katie looked at me and said  "I want to do that"....at first I said no, and then Miss Cindy said, "why not, she can do it, you should sign her up and try it".  We signed Katie up and have been doing Gymnastics for the Special Olympic team now for 10 years!  It has been a wonderful experience for her and a place where Katie has lots of girlfriends and can be herself. Thanks Cindy, we couldn't have done it without your support!  -- Sue Bender

Chattoga is wonderful. It is a great way to make new friends,too! I should know that's where I met my BFF. Even when you give up on yourself, the teachers don't. -- Gina Lee

I had the pleasure of having my son Shane, who has a diagnosis of Autism participate in the Special Olympics competing in gymnastics. He received all of his coaching at Chattooga, directly under the supervision of Cindy who is the owner. It was such a comfort to have Shane at Chattooga because he was welcomed and accepted for who he was, and also gave him the opportunity to interact with some good people. Now my daughter, Charlotte, who is 14, trains in Rhythmic and has done so approximately 2 years. Chattooga has become her extended family. She has made some wonderful friends, gets regular exercise, and has a very full life. I would definitely recommend this gym for any family! -- The Souters

Chattooga is not just a gym, it is a wonderful and unique place for kids to grow up and be exposed to a wide variety of experiences and people.  Cindy Bickman and her staff care about the children and become friends and mentors.  My daughter grew up at the gym and learned about people who were different from her and about herself while getting exercise, having fun and making life-long friends at Chattooga.  She has been given opportunities there she would not have received anywhere else.  I'm happy to say her daughter is now a Chattooga girl, too. -- Minna

My daughter will begin her fourth year at Chattooga this August as a Special Olympian. It has been a rewarding experience for both of us. Her self confidence and love for the sport has grown by leaps and bounds. The most important aspect for me is that my daughter has fun and enjoys her time at Chattooga. The fact that she never wants to miss an opportunity to go to the gym is proof of that. The dedication, commitment and positive image from the coaches has exceeded my expectations as a parent. Chattooga has been a great experience for our family. -- Sharon Greer 

I have enjoyed every moment at Chattooga, I started going when I was 7 and half years old and I started teaching there when I was around 15 years old. There has always been good times there, I feel like it is my home away from home. Since I am 29 years old and have my children going there, I find them happy going there as well, they can not ever wait to get to class. At Chattooga children will feel welcome, all children are number one, they will not ever feel like they do not belong, because every child at Chattooga belongs there -- Karoline Johnson

Chattooga is so much more than a gym. Chattooga is a community of athletes who  support and encourage one another. My daughter has been a gymnast at Chattooga for over 10 years. The coaches at Chattooga have played an integral role in my daughter’s, physical and emotional development. I wholeheartedly embrace and support the experience that is Chattooga. -- Lucia Barrera-Sparkman

My sister participates in Special Olympics at Chattooga, and in her classes she really feels accepted and has a great time. She has been at Chattooga for over ten years and has participated in many competitions, including one in Orlando, Florida. Also, my mom has joined the Vintage Gymnastics team for older adults. Gymnastics at Chattooga is a positive outlet and is lots of fun! -- Lee Collins, Jr.

I started taking dance with 'Miss Cindy' when I was 3 years old. I continued for years with all types of dance and eventually Rhythmic Gymnastics. The skills I learned at Chattooga got me into the Cobb County magnet high school for performing arts, and I was also selected to spend summer in Valdosta as a dance major for the Governor's Honors Program. I went on to major in dance at Florida State University for a short while, and then coached Rhythmic Gymnastics during my time at The University of Georgia. Now my daughter is 4, and I drive her past at least 4 other dance and gymnastics schools to bring her to Chattooga for classes. Cindy has the unique ability to find the balance between teaching, making it fun, and building self-esteem. -- Elise Schwartz Ackerman, Marietta, GA, Age 32

Christiana has really enjoyed gymnastics and ballet classes. Just wanted to say how very much we appreciate your kindness, patience,time, and love that you show to our special kids and us parents. -- Christiana, Karl, & Priscilla Koritko

I love Chattooga and now so does my daughter. Miss Cindy believes in making gymnastics fun! She always has, and I should know because she was my coach too over 20 years ago. I have been to many exciting places around the world with her and participated in countless performances right here in Atlanta that help share the love of dance and gymnastics with others. Now my daughter Katy gets the same chance. There is not a friendlier, more passionate and compassionate teacher than Miss Cindy. In fact, everyone from the office staff to Miss Joey makes every student feel special. Chattooga is a delightful place to learn to love gymnastics and dance at any level! And if that isn’t enough, the endless tales (and sometimes embarrassing, although true memories) as well as the fact that Chattooga is covered in purple, should make anyone leave class with a smile. -- Alana

I love the butterfly question when we stretch. -- Katy Lucero

Chattooga Gymnastics has been a second home for me for over half my life, the students and staff are like family and Ms.Cindy is our mother and the creative glue that keeps us all together. This gym works together, travels together, performs together, and competes together as more than a team but a true family. The lessons I've learned here ... acceptance, dedication, compassion,and team work, just to name a few, have helped mold me into the person I am today. I couldn't imagine my life without Chattooga, and there is no doubt in my mind that Chattooga is the best place for my daughter to grow and learn. -- Ashley Thompson - 27

My daughter Dana, 22, who has Down Syndrome, began taking gymnastics at Chattooga 7 years ago. At the time, Dana was not able to jump rope, do a cartwheel, or stand on one foot without a lot of help. Through Cindy and Joey's patience and perserverence and the good example of all of the typical gymnasts who are Unified Partners, Dana can perform 2 cartwheels in a row, execute front and side splits, jump rope 100 times, as well as many other rhythmic and artistic skills. Cindy has encouraged the Special Olympians and Moms who have the desire to join some typical gymnasts in competitions and performances worldwide. It has been an amazing opportunity for Dana to grow more confident and physically fit. -- Janet Misitano

Chattooga taught me more then just gymnastics, it taught me responsibility, confidence, and the importance of getting back up and trying again." -- Juliane Sanders

I love the gym, you meet incredible people and travel to new places that you have never been to. The team and the coaches are there for you with open arms challenging you and supporting you always. Being with Ms Cindy and Ms Joey have given me purpose and a strong self esteem.  I am thankful for the time that I had at Chattooga and wish that I was still in Georgia just so that I could be with my buddies.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks Ms Cindy and Ms Joey for a wonderful time of my life!!! -- Sarah Oldham, Rhythmic Team

My daughter, Kelly, was a gymnast at Chattooga for many years. We relocated here from New York and enrolled immediately at Chattooga Gym.  She was very lonely leaving all her coaches and friends and Cindy made her feel special and helped her meet new friends.  Cindy also taught Kelly many new gymnastic routines and built up her confidence to perform.  Kelly still stays in touch with Cindy and will always have her as a lifetime friend.  Cindy does not just run a gym, she runs a family of gymnasts. -- Denise Kettles

For our family having a place where our daughter (who happens to be special needs) could have fun while finding something that she could excel at was the key.  We tried other Gyms, but it never seemed to be the right match.  The suggestion to attend Chatooga Gymnastics was accepted, but met with the thoughts of "Oh, here we go again".

Immediately upon walking in the door to attend our 1st session it was clear that this place was different.  Everyone seemed to embrace my daughter including those girls who were not special needs.  Everyone was generally connected to her and very supportive of her.  The support was truly different.  It wasn't one of  those "I feel sorry for you", but more so of welcoming a little sister into the family.  

Since that time, She's truly excelled in her gymnastic skills, but most of all she's excelled in her confidence level.  All we can say is we're truly honored to be part of the Chatooga Family. -- Thank you, The Kenyatas

My daughter has been taking ballet classes from Cindy at Chattooga for several years.  She loves Miss Cindy and she has learned so much from taking these classes.  My daughter loves attending classes.  She has also made many new friends.  She also trains for Special Olympics with Cindy at Chattooga. I highly recommend this gym and the staff. -- R.C.

My daughter, Pam took gymnastics at chattooga gym for several years.  She had a wonderful time and learned many things.  The coaches are great with children of all ages.  I always felt comfortable leaving my daughter at Chattooga.  She couldn't wait to go to class and she loved her coach. -- Joanne Scealf

Chattooga has been a second family for my family and I.  I grew up with the rhythmic gymnastics team,  my sister Amanda coached special olympics and my mother recently joined the Vintage aesthetic group gymnastics team in addition to her varied previous involvements. I took a brief hiatus from the gym while I attended the University of Georgia...though perhaps hiatus is a strong word since we had "reunions" every Christmas and summer.  I have been working for 3 years now and unsurprisingly I am back at the gym - this time competing at a higher level than I ever have before!

Having danced and coached gymnastics at other gyms and studios during and after college, as well as coming back to Chattooga as an adult, I now realize how unique and uncommon the spirit of community and individualism Cindy fosters at the gym  truly is.  A sense of community is something many people grow up without knowing and it was something I took for granted while training at Chattooga.  In retrospect I see that the community my family and I were part of  at Chattooga was a significant factor in my development. Through my involvement with Chattooga I gained confidence in my own abilities, learned the patience to teach others and  learned the value of hard work and volunteering. I recognized my own individuality in addition to accepting the individuality of others, got my first taste for travel, embraced art, celebrated creativity, and began to express myself through movement and music. In short, I owe Chatooga a great debt for providing many of my most cherished and most self-defining attributes. -- Melissa Hursey

My daughter, Stephanie, has grown up at Chattooga. We have been attending for about 20 years! She was one of the first to participate in the Special Olympics Gymnastics Program that Cindy was coaching. Gymnastics is so much a part of Stephanie's life. She has made so many lifelong friends among the Special Olympic athletes as well as the regular athletes. The training that she has received has been so good for her both physically and mentally. As a mom, I have enjoyed the support of other moms as we share our joys, sorrows, trials and tribulations. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated coach and staff. We'll probably still be there until I can no longer drive. -- Judi and Stephanie O'Connor

This is the best gym ever! Everything about it is so wonderful. You never regret going here! I should know I met my best friend here.  -- Naomi Alem 

My daughter Kaytlyn has been going to Chattooga since she was 3. We love Cindy and how she makes each child feel special! She is patient and kind and even though she expects that from the girls, she never has to talk or lecture them about it, they just know. As Kaytlyn was growing up there, I know he was not an angel and could be difficult (she didn't like tights) Cindy had a way about her that could turn Kaytlyn around and even get her to wear tights for the recitals. I also love how the older girls encourage the younger ones and genuinely care for them. A lot of them that attended together as girls are together as adults. As for me, I was encouraged by Cindy to join a pilates class, which I love, and even joined the vintage team. Thanks to Cindy I have met many moms that I have become friends with and we've had a lot of good laughs together. Through Cindy we've had the opportunity to travel to Europe twice and look forward to going again in 2011. -- Carole Grostefon.

At Chattooga, I think I learned...
How to eat peanut butter and jelly on the hood of a car
How to hike down the Grand Canyon- but not up.
What else -- how to eat Dunkin Donuts after the New Year's Eve sleepover.
How to hang with the ladies at Vidal Sassoon...
And most importantly....
Thanks, Cindy! -- Kara